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ROI for Startups - D and J Marketing

I want to talk about return on investment and what it means for a startup business. When you starting a business, the biggest investment is time spent getting the word out organically and perfecting your offering. Investing in your brand and even creating products without knowing if they will sell, but you have to have them to showcase your products or services. So when you're going through this process your time and effort are, in fact, an investment. At this point ANY sale would bring satisfaction and justify the investment of time. It doesn't take long for you to value your time much better than that. So how do you determine what a good return on investment is? I'm going to use a product based analogy, you need to determine what the average price of your product is worth, I'll use $50 as a nice flat number. Now, organically, you have sold 6 products per month over the last two months, that's $300 per month in revenue. You want to make a push and if you decide to spend $50 a month for additional marketing services, to bring in at least one-third increase in your sales, that would mean two sales per month canceling out the investment and the other being Revenue. Why pay for 1 more sale a month when you could just work a little harder and get that yourself? That analogy fits our return-on-investment, but not success. That's why it's important for you to vet your marketing opportunities when you're trying to grow your startup. Finding the right marketing partner is an important step. If the ROI seems too good to be true, it probably is. At D & J Marketing, doing the right thing matters because I'm not looking for customers, I'm looking for clients to partner with. I will care as much about your goals as you do, and I have the expertise to provide you with the services you need as a start-up without the big business budget. Contact me today for free consultation. 'till next time, D & J is with you every step of the way!


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